4 No-Fail Tips To Get Your Hair To Grow Faster

The question of ‘how can I get my hair to grow faster’ is probably the most desired inquiry among girls, women, and perhaps even men. Some people’s hair appears to grow faster then others. But the truth is that, on average, everyone’s hair grows between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch per month. We also shed hair daily. Of course, the curl pattern of the hair, the health of it, and the maintenance practices make a difference with how much of that growth we maintain. This article is going to share with you 4 tips that are guaranteed to get your hair to grow faster.

The first tip is to trim regularly. You’re probably thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding. How can I get my hair to grow faster if you’re suggesting cutting it.” You need to ensure that your hair is healthy, with no split ends. For the natural hair wearers, be sure to get your hair cut above the demarcation line. That’s the location where your natural hair and the chemically-treated hair meet. Be sure that you’ve cut above that line to ensure your natural hair is healthy and completely chemical-free. Through the course of styling, the ends can become damaged so you want to trim it regularly.

Speaking of styling, the second tip includes using the correct utensils for your hair. This includes everything from combs, brushes, scarves/bonnets, and headbands to shampoos, conditioners, heated appliances. When selecting styling utensils, you want to be sure to stay away from ones that will cut, rip or tear your hair. There are combs that are made in molds and the mold lines can rip or tear your hair while you’re combing. NEVER use a comb with broken teeth. Be sure to use boar bristle brushes that aren’t too abrasive. For hair coverings, you want to use satin. Other materials are abrasive and suck the moisture right out of your hair. For your shampoos and conditioners, you want to use ones that are moisturizing without the harsh chemicals. If you’re really serious about growing your hair out as fast as possible, don’t put any heat directly on your hair. The most you should do is use a hooded dryer. Any of the direct heating appliances, like blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons put undo stress on your hair and the heat will cause it to weaken and break off, even if you incorporate thermal protection products.

The third tip pertains directly to the styles you choose for your hair. Protective styles are the best. These include: twists, braids, cornrows, afros, and wash ‘n’ go. Twists include 2-strand, 1-strand, or coils. With these, you start with wet or damp hair and style. Braids and cornrows are great for protection, as well. Be sure that your stylist doesn’t braid or cornrow it too tight. This will put tension on the edges, causing them to break off, which would be counterproductive for your hair growing efforts. Afros and wash ‘n’ go styles are basically the same. These can be achieved from undoing your twists or braids and finger styling the hair. Or you can wet it, add some styling/moisturizing products, and let it air dry. There are many variations to these. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and boldness.

Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of water – outside and inside. A common misconception is that water dries out your hair. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only true and complete moisturizer is water. Nothing moisturizes you or your hair more than water will. It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep your body (and hair) hydrated from the inside. In addition, using water on your hair will help you with styling and moisturizing. It is advantageous to rinse your hair in the morning, style it, then leave it to dry. If getting your whole head wet everyday doesn’t fit into your styling routine, you can spritz it with a bottle of water infused with oil. Extra virgin olive oil is great for virtually all human uses because its’ pH matches ours very closely. Its not heavy so it wont weigh your hair down. It’s great for the scalp because it soaks in quickly.